IFM Security is a dynamic, intelligence driven safety and security solutions company, focused on Private-, Public- and Corporative security and safety. Our company delivers premium security and safety solutions and services, assessing risk, providing excellent quality service, ethical behaviour, and good governance, underpinned by international standards.

Security control strategy, risk management solutions, loss prevention and corporative investigation consulting are our areas of expertise, using the best practices in the industry makes for high quality service and safety regulations.

A combined focus on statutory adherence, safety policies and procedures, advanced internal communication and vigilance promotes piece of mind and zero tolerance in criminal activities.

Our thorough understanding of safety procedures on all different platforms cements our productivity ratings and civilized execution of dangerous situations.

Assessing risk and providing ethical and innovative security solutions and suggestions, adds to our reputability and high service standards. Our operation design rests on a set of fundamental principles that are prevalent in each unique platform we specialise in and practice to perfection in each contract we obtain.

Security Guards

K9 Dog Units

Alarm and CCTV cameras

Electric Fencing

Access control systems

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