About Us

Achieving the vision of IFM is the sole purpose of our all encompassed facilities management company.

Focussing on the commitment of our management team, as well as our workforce, IFM has grounded its existence on teamwork and commitment to this company.

Exceeding expectations and setting benchmarks in our client centric approach, we deliver outstanding service, followed by exceptional results. Placing our trust in our employees, by offering a safe, educational and, well supported working environment has been the cornerstone of our success and has been proven to be the only lucrative way of running a business. Trusting each other, we’ve found elevates the standard of teamwork and in turn, the client’s experience.

Placing emphasis on our team’s individual accomplishments, has cultivated a taskforce who work together in harmony, aid one another, and share the same goals – getting it right the first time.

Remaining Relevant

Maintaining relevance in the market, remains an ongoing strategy we practice routinely. Continually researching new, and innovative ways to improve our products and service delivery has played a key role in our achievements and success.

We pride ourselves in our service orientated approach, accessible, ongoing client support and the inherent standard of our workforce. These attributes have left us in good stead as we nurture memorable experiences with our clients, adding to our reputability and recurring contracts.

Mission And Vision Statement

IMPERIAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT endeavours to be the leading integrated facilities management service provider for South Africa. With our core value systems in place we strive for high quality reliable and efficient service, dedicated management and support resources and best practice business processes.

Our Values

Being passionate about our clients and our employees, drives our four core values and cements what we stand for.

Corporate Integrity

IFM is committed to high standards of professional, ethical, and fair business conduct. Our dealings with our employees, stakeholders and third parties are bound to our Compliance Code of conduct and strict adherence to our code of ethics.


The best solutions come from our dedicated team working closely and amenably with our colleagues, clients, and key strategic partners. Effective teamwork requires strong and stable partnerships, respect, sharing intellectual intelligence and flexibility.


As a company who places substantial value on Leadership, IFM understands that leading by example is what has brought this company to the level of superiority that it currently enjoys.

Taking responsibility, living with integrity, and motivating our workforce is key to successful business practice.


Reaching for superior results with each contract, IFM strives for service excellence that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. Through agility, innovation, and commitment we indulge in bespoke service that generates new business and builds lasting, healthy relationships.


IFM’s integrated service model is driven by service excellence and innovation. Our focal function is to generate one point of contact that manages all your business requirements, leaving you to focus on your core business. This functionality reduces your operating costs, improves efficiency, and drives quality standards.

To ensure the highest service delivery standards, as well as the most efficient cost base, IFM delivers as many services as possible in-house.

This includes:

  • Facilities management services
  • Full Security Service
  • Cleaning Services & Chemicals Supplier
  • Personal Protective Wear
  • Building handover services & Building Supplies
  • Sourcing of products